Christmas in Connecticut

The mid-eighties. We were a band of anti-narrative filmers, degrading the imageis time until it became art. This short film is dedicated to Owen O’ Toole, the hippest of thecrowd, who showed his movies on the outdoor walls of Boston’s Museum of fine Arts when he was refused participation in the festival within.  O’Toole was responsiible for Filmers’ Almanac, for which 365 filmers around the world contributed a 3 minute film shot on an assigned day.  This sort of thing is common today, with youtube and all, but O’Toole did it all with real film through the mail. He was way ahead of his time. My little film here is not the one I submitted to Filmer’s Almanac, but I think it communicates the spirit of the time, so I dedicate it to Owen O’Toole.


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