To Have Done With the Judgement of God

Television version of  radio play by Antonin Artaud adapted for the stage and directed by Bill White. Starring Billy Barnum and John Voigt. Also Bill white interviewed by Mr. Curt following the play.


10 thoughts on “To Have Done With the Judgement of God

  1. Very cool, Bill! “I hate the stench of being tied to a dying animal.” Interesting play and discussion. Theater of the absurd or bizarre productions like Bertolt Brecht or –my favorite– is ‘The Visit’ by Friedrich Durrenmatt, they take patience to “get” them. You have quite an interesting past as a producer, singer, writer, film critic–


  2. It’s funny, because I always considered myself a classical director, yet critics always labelled my work as avant-garde. I think maybe that is what the avant garde is..a revolt of classicists against the prevailing post-modernism of any time period. thanks for watching and for your comments, cindy. i also like durrenmatt and brecht, but dislike beckett and genet with a passion. neither do i have any love for the last batch of US playwrites: mamet, shepard, guare, et all…my favorite playwrites are the obvious ones: shakespeare, chekhov,ibsen, oneil, williams, and albee. ive written some original plays, but they werent original enough, so i began adapting literary works for the stage, which were much more successful.

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    1. Fame is a central theme of my novel ‘the goners”. everything i have to say on that subject is in the book, if you are interested. i managed to sabotage many potential careers, and i am glad i did so, now that i am 64 and starting a family, i am beginning to realize i need money. i never needed it for myself, but things are different now.. the only thing i wanted to become known for was my writing, but it took a lifetime of practicing before i became capable of writing something worth publishing. but now it seems there are no legitimate publishers left.oh well. at least i was able to accomplish some small achievements in all my fields of interest, though they be known only to a few people..i feel i have reached the right people.


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