Movie Review: “Eden” is a Crappy Movie based on a Fabricated Memoir

Nothing adds up in Megan Griffith’s film of Kim Chong’s memoir.  Either the author was omitting material that might have implicated her in high crimes, or the whole thing was a load of crap.  As Griffith tells the story, it lurches from one improbable jump to the next, its incompetence pillowed in the gravity of its subject matter.   But the most exploitive junk off the cuff of Jess Franco has more truth than this allegedly true story of a young Korean-American who is abducted into the sex slavery racket and connives her way into a partnership with her abductor.   Time has since revealed that Griffith and Chong are bunko artists and that the movie “Eden” is a fabrication.

Yet “Eden” is piling up awards all over the world for best picture and director. Even if Chong’s fraudulent memoir was based on true events, many of them were not even witnessed by the author.  I don’t doubt that there are dozens of cops buried in the Southwestern deserts by rogue cops who have murdered them, but Chong was not present at such executions, so they can only be accounted as hearsay.  As for Griffith’s direction, just take a look at her previous disasters to see that she is a rank amateur.  And amateurism can go a long way toward the imitation of reality.  Jamie Chung, who plays the lead, isn’t even an actress.  She is a refugee from MTV’s Real World.  Her standing around without a clue simulates a lost soul, but she is really just a clueless airhead standing in front of a movie camera.

“Eden” is a rumor recounted by idiots and perpetuated upon a gullible public.  I don’t deny that such stories happen, just that this particular story didn’t happen in the manner in which Kim Chong recounts it, and Megan Griffith lays it down on film.   The scenes that might make it believable are missing.  The development of the main character from terrified victim to willing accomplice does not exist.  And the various miseries of the minor characters come and go with all the dexterity of an armless juggler.


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