Music Video – Cloud Princess

Bill White, Enzo Strand, and Sean Barry perform Cloud Princes at the Geezer’s Ball, a celebration of Paul Dopat’s 65th birthday.  White wrote the song for this occasion, which took place at the Masonic Hall on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill on October 28, 2003.


2 thoughts on “Music Video – Cloud Princess

  1. Nice lyrics. Last night I rewatched “Begin Again” and was charmed all over again. The bar scene –its just like your performance here, a simple, brave outpouring of meaningful lyrics and a voice unaffected by studio manipulations.


    1. if that is so, its too bad there was nobody present who could imagine a full tilt arrangement that would have placed the song on he charts. this performance took place after I had switched from lead vocalist to lead guitarist and the guys playing with me were members of the band i was with for a few years before going back to singing.

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