Music Videos: Five People I have Played with who Inspired Me

Talia Toni Marcus playing violin with Van Morrison in Belfast

Jerhik Bischoff   Lincoln Center report on Bischoff’s varied career

John Olufs  playing guitar with the Picketts

Lisa Marshall with her band in Austin Texas

Drummer Gregg Keplinger in Stackpole re-union at Seattle’s Zero-G in 2013


3 thoughts on “Music Videos: Five People I have Played with who Inspired Me

  1. Sweet! I love Van Morrison. Jerhik Bischoff is impressing! Lisa Marshall–what a sultry voice Lisa Marshall has. I will have to listen to more of her. Love that blues vibe. So cool, Bill, your vast experience.


  2. Talia started her career with Jack Benny. Did a lot of movie work, including playing the violin solos in An Officer and a Gentleman, Inspired Van Morrison with her violin playing on the album Into the Music and the 79-8- tour. We started a band in 2006 and played together for three years, wrote a few songs and a movie script.

    Jerhik was in the band The Dead Science when I met him and guitarist Sam Mickens. I did a guest spot with them at a borders christmas party, and later made a few attempts at starting a band with him, Sam, and Gregg Kelpinger. Everyone but myself had too much happening, so the band never got off the ground, but we made a few cool rehearsal tapes.

    John Olufs was the first guitarist I played with. In the mid 70’s we did a lot of folk gigs at the University of Washington, and later started one of the city’s first punk bands. When i moved to Los Angeles, he joined Red Dress, with whom he still plays, and later the popular alt country band, The Pickets. We have continued to play together informally and sometimes in public.

    Gregg asked me to be the lead singer in an R&B group he was putting together. At the time I was writing some songs with Lisa,who I had met through a venue Ifor songwriters I had started, and asked if he would be into two singers, me and Lisa. As rehearsals wore on, Gregg became more interested in Lisa so I dropped out. later Lisa did too. She wanted to produce a solo album because she had her own ideas on how she wanted to sound. Lisa and I stayed in touch, and we did guest spots on each other’s shows, playing the songs we wrote together. Then she moved to Austin, where her career has really been taking off.

    Gregg was a jazz drummer who built a popular snare drum used by Elvin Jones and others. We were friends for years before playing together. While I was in Boston, he joined Soundgarden as a drum tech. I was in Seattle when they broke up,and we started the band manicure together. It broke up because I moved to North Carolina. When I moved back to Seattle, he was working as drum tech for Pearl Jam and doing studio work for lots .of groups including Dave Matthews. We tried to get something together, but nothing panned out, although I did play on his record Absurd World Country.


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