Cinema Penitentiary Diaries – October 23-31, 2015

23-26 The Great Beauty, Youth, The Family Friend, This Must be the Place These four films are direced by Paulo Sorrentino, the last new hope of the Italian film industry since Gabriele Muccini defected to make Will Smith pictures. Look for a long piece on Sorrentino sometime in November,as I need to watch the films at least one more time before I can even attempt to do them justice.

27. The Terrornauts Odd Science Fiction from England, which is not in itself so odd.

28. Amy I didn’t learn anything new about Amy Winehouse from this tedious documentary. And despite Tony Bennet’s senile opinion, she is a terrible singer.

The Visit Children visit their estranged grandparents and discover things are not as they appear. The new one from M. Night Shyamalan is just as bad as all the rest of his lousy movies.

29. Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll Who is strangling women and stealing their eyes..and why? why what? Why do I keep watching crap like this?

As Cool as I Am Where is Dar Williams when you need her?

30. Jack the Ripper While most Ripper fans are drawn to the challenge of unmasking the identity of England’s most famous serial killer, director Jess Franco appeals to those of lower sensibilities who don’t care about solving a mystery but just want to see naked prostitutes get murdered.

31. Preggoland This light comedy is such fun for pregnant viewers that one hates to point out its numerous continuity errors and lapses of logic.


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