Copper and Gold – demos for new album

I will be taking  a break from reviewing movies for a couple weeks in order to write and record demos for my new album, Copper and Gold.  For those of you who like music, the links to the demos  will be posted  here each day for the next two weeks.  Here is the first one:

Stuck in the Was

an asteroid is on a collision course with earth. spaceships are ready to take the population to a safe planet. but something is stopping the earthlings from leaving. they are stuck in the was.

and the second

Unforgivably Dumb (The Madwoman of Iowa)

The Republicans should dump all their candidates and nominate Hillary Clinton. The there will be no Trump or Cruz to point a finger at, and Sanders can run against Clinton in a fair fight and we will have a chance to find who the country really wants..Hillary or Bernie. and if Hillary were on the Republican ticket, she wouldn’t have to lie about plans for war in Syria and non-taxable profits on Wall Street.

and the third

Andy’s Gotta Go

This history of rock and roll is rife with tales of musicians who have been forced by management to kick their friends out of the band. This song eavesdrops on a manager telling his client to do such a thing, as the times are changing and solo acts are faring better than duos who front a band. The era is one in which many glam rockers found it commercially advantageous to drop the drag act and affect a more masculine image.

and the fourth
A Lifetime to Cry
Country music used to deal with some heavy subjects. This is my attempt at writing one of those songs that walks a tightrope between the maudlin and the truly heartbreaking.


song #5

Memphis Cadillac

I began this song as a response to a friend who argued that you cant sell an old fashioned country song, that the market today is limited to the current styles dominating the country charts. From there, the song took some unexpected turns.

Let those Titties Be
towards the end of the song, i found the sound on the harmonica i was reaching for. can you guess what the sound is supposed to represent?
song #7
my son, my son
song #8
Get a LittleSlower
stomp along to these snapshots from the life of a man on the run..who is slowing down.
song #9
Lily Tree

 Everybody knows that lilies don’t grow on trees. Until this song, there has never been such a thing. But the idea of a lily tree now exists, and perhaps someday someone will go looking for one. And eventually, a lily tree will be sighted. The belief in a lily tree will grow. Other will sing about the tree, give it properties, perhaps even magical properties.




Song #10

Layla (Her Name Was)

I always loved the songs Hank Williams wrote in the character of Luke the Drifter, so I wrote one that Luke might have written were he walking around in this day and age.


This song is not about evolution. It is about housing, migrant labor, and camouflage.

song #11

14 songs in 28 days. What are you waiting for… inspiration?

Song #12

14 songs in 28 days. What are you waiting for… inspiration?

Song #13
This one is a love song/

14 songs in 28 days. What are you waiting for… inspiration?



Song #14

Cold Cambridge Streets

Father wants to take daughter to the places where he grew up, but those places have changed beyond recognition, and he realizes it is more important to know where you are than where you have been.



song #15
theme for an imaginary james bond adventure



song #16
The Suffering Earth

song #18

Here is the final song of my song cycle, “Copper and Gold.” Having slogged through some of the sadder aspects of human life, we elevate ourselves in the end to a more optimistic outlook. I hope you have enjoyed taking this journey with me, and I would love to hear your comments.

14 songs in 28 days. What are you waiting for… inspiration?

3 thoughts on “Copper and Gold – demos for new album

  1. I used the links to listen to both songs, Bill. The blues track was a wonderful trip down memory lane, in both style, and content. Everything from 8-track tapes, to board games, the story of the modern world, in a song. Great stuff, and performed with grit and conviction too.
    I loved the chorus on the Clinton song. As for her, she is generally regarded here as the best Republican who ever stood as a Democratic candidate for the Presidency. It seems that your choice is no choice. Not unlike our situation.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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