My Ten Favorite Musicals

  1. Carousel
  2. West Side Story
  3. Renaldo and Clara
  4. 200 Motels
  5. Meet Me in St Louis
  6. Singin in the Rain
  7. Born to be Blue
  8. Begin Again
  9. The Young Girls of Rochefort
  10. Marat /Sade


These are my 10 favorite musicals.  What are yours?


What I am listening to

Leonard Bernstein conducts West Side Story

Bernstein lifts the music high about its Broadway inception with this, the  most exhuberant  version of the music to be yet recorded.  the songs that used to be faint little sentimental dribbles are now triumphantly transcendent.  the arrangements are not simply backing tracks, but full symphonic pieces, giving us something of a cross between Porgy and Bess and slaughter on 10th avenue.  Until you have heard Bernstein’s version, you havent really experienced the music of West Side Story.

What I am watching

Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel

The description led me to believe Woody had fabricated his own version of the legendary musical, Carousel.  but it is nothing like that.  Wonder Wheel is a trite, cliché laden, melodramatic noir comedy with nary a surprise not point of interest.  if there is anyone out there who wats to see a romantic comedy drama between Justin timberlake and Kate Winslet, this ones for you.

What I Am Reading\

The Demon haunted World by Carl Sagan

I was drawn in by the title.  Had I bothered to note that Carl Sagan was its author, I never would have opened the book.  Puerile physics for the scientific illiterate. No challenging theories.  No provocative musings.

Song of the Day

I Dreamed a Dream

Back in the day, a Broadway showstopper like this would have been recorded b o from Lulu to James Brown, from Petula clark to Otis Redding, and maybe even Anne Murray, Donna Summer, and Joe Cocker. but yoday its a glottis competition for the amateurs of American Idol and Britains Got Talent. and the winner is the one who destroys the song with the most superfluous throat.  but i changed all that with my version for the album Book of martyrs.  Most will hate it, but those who like ut are likely to become my friends.

click link for free download or just to listen to


7 thoughts on “My Ten Favorite Musicals

  1. Fun post, Bill.
    Musicals– well, West Side Story is my favorite. I have such fond memories as a girl taking my Mother’s record up to my room and memorizing every song. Leonard B. is wonderful to me. I’ve been thinking about making a tribute to him for a while. Oops. A tangent. Musicals. You asked for 10 favorite musicals.
    West Side Story
    Jesus Christ Superstar
    A Chorus Line
    Phantom of the Opera
    Les Miserables
    The Sound of Music


    1. i love the stage version of les miserables so much that i took a job as an usher in the theatre where it had a lengthy run just so i could watch it every night. but i found everything about the movie an abomination, so it didnt make my ten best list. camelot is another of my stage favorites, but i just couldnt bring myself to watch the movie sans burton. i m glad we agree on west side story and carousel. both of them really get to me deep down in my sentimental heart.


      1. We share an affinity for Les Miz. I’ve seen it performed in Chicago and London and prefer it to the movie version, but I didn’t hate the movie version. If anything, it solidified my respect for Hugh Jackman. I thought he was great. Otherwise, I have only seen Camelot performed on stage once, and Mr. Burton was the star! I don’t mind the movie version, either, with Harris and Redgrave.


      2. jackman impressed me in oklahoma but he was all wrong for jean valjean. he tried though, and was not terrible, same goes for the gladiator guy. the only good performances were from samantha barks and, to my sirprise, anne hathaway..the revolting male and female in the roles of marius and cosette made the second half of the film unwatchable. i also disliked the art direction, set design, and direction. whenever i get the desire to watch the show, i pull up the concert file…..i never got to see burton, but ive had the original cast recording since 1964 and cant abide the idea of anyone but burton and julie andrews in the leads.

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  2. I don’t really like that song from Les Miserables, Bill. I haven’t seen the show to see it staged in context though. In which case, your version is definitely better! 🙂

    Musicals are mainly retro for me, at least my top 5.
    1) 42nd Street
    2) Gold Diggers of 1933
    3) Swing Time
    4) Top Hat
    5) Flying Down to Rio
    6) One From The Heart
    7) Cabaret
    8) Chicago
    9) West Side Story
    10) All That Jazz

    I went off Woody Allen completely after ‘Sweet And Lowdown’. (Which I liked)
    And I always hated Carl Sagan’s voice when he presented ‘Cosmos’ on TV.

    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. one from the heart and all that jazz would make the ext ten for me. im not crazy about the 1930s and 40s musicals, but i have about five hours f scenes from busby berkeley musicicals that i like a lot. im quite fornd of fosses work on the stage, but havent always liked the movie versions. woody allen jus gets worse and worse, yet his movies remail engaging no matter how bad they are. at least for me. he has made so many that there is an element of comfort in watching them.. happy new years, pete

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      1. I was a big fan of the pre-war musicals songs as a youngster, (still am) so they stuck with me. I loved Allen’s stand up performances, and films like ‘Manhattan’ and ‘Radio Days’.
        Happy New Year to you and your family down there, Bill.
        Best wishes, Pete.


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