Black Translucent Alphabet



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Black Translucent Alphabet by Bill White

1986…the junk of life piled high…sleeping atop milk crates filled with mildewed books…emerging from four months of bedridden sickness…beginning ten years of college radio in the days when radio was free,,,evacuating orson welles cinema then five years as my own defense attorney to exonerate the saving of lives over property…eating a steak and drinking a beer when morrissey comes over the radio and i give up meat, booze, and chew endless nicorettes…writing songs out of habit with nothing to say…embarrassing vocal mannerisms…writing script from word association games with the actresses, then filming uninteresting soap opera, another blunder,,,,…/black-translucent-alphabet
1.The Ransom 02:10
2.Battle Witch 01:42
3.Ruler of the Heart 02:07
4 Breaking the Seal of the Seventh Kiss 00:46
5.What We Do Tonight 03:35
6.Pork Barrel 03:47
7.Men Who Don’t Own Land 03:18
8.Streets 03:10
9.Medley- 5 Seconds to Midnight / Your Little Heart 07:01
10.Spin the Glass Web 01:36
11.Konstantine’s Song 01:44
12.Lonely Boys 03:18
13.Black Translucent Alphabet 07:33
14.Goodbye, Jerry Lewis 01:20…/black-translucent-alphabet


5 thoughts on “Black Translucent Alphabet

    1. i alway liked battle with. it is my homage to donovan. for many years, i thought i had ost the song, so was happy to find it when combing the archives for decent material. thanks fr listening.


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