Selected Poetry 1967- 2017 by Bill White read by the author

All of Bill White’s 45 albums are now available for streaming and download on Bandcamp. The next phase is audio books, beginning with a vilume of Selected Poems 1967-2017. Listen by clicking on link below.

4 thoughts on “Selected Poetry 1967- 2017 by Bill White read by the author

  1. I have to tell you that I love your voice when you read poetry. Your words stand out and it’s a very engaging experience. I listened to “In You” and was mesmerized. I haven’t tried the others yet, but I do like this medium for you. Very melodic.


    1. first off Happy birthday Cindy. wishing you a memorable yearr to come. Thanks for listening to the poem. Some of the others are character poems, so the voice might not appeal to you as much as the ore personal In You. Interestinng that you used the word melodic, as poetry for me is song that does not need music, because the music is already there in the words.


  2. I listened to three of these at random, and will revisit to hear more. I find it very interesting to hear the voice of someone I have only ever communicated with by ‘comments’. Not the singing voice, but that voice where the experience of a life can be heard. When someone reads their own poetry, the true meaning is always that much clearer.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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