Advance Listen to the first five Songs from Bill Whites new Album, The Human Conditional

Bill White Music Archive Top Ten Jan 20-Feb 5
This month I am writing and recording a new album entitled The Human conditional. The tracks are being posted on Bandcamp as they are produced. the top 5 songs this week happen to be the first five songs from the album, which will be officially released in March. Listen free to the songs now as they are written by clicking on the links.
2. The Toymaker

13 thoughts on “Advance Listen to the first five Songs from Bill Whites new Album, The Human Conditional

    1. Thanks for your comments Cindy. You cant go wrong with a spooky minor blues. I hope you are feeling better and all is going well with your treatment. I tried to watch th phanton thread last night but fell asleep, I cant fault PTAs direction, but the story and the pacing just bored me. and daniel dy lewis’ acting is so prissy and picky that i find it hard to take him seriously. i feel like i am watching him rehearse in front of a mirror. all that stuff should be invisible to the viewer. ill be giving it anoter go, maybe ill have to watch it in 20 minute increments, which is how i was able to finally take in the whole of the lord of the rings trilogy.


      1. Hi Bill. My surgery is tomorrow. My life has been on hold and I hate it. They say it’s a 10-2 week recovery. Finally, Phantom Thread has arrived at my local theater. I’m hoping to watch a matinee early next week if my body will let me. I hope to be blogging soon. I’ve been working on Chapter 3 of my novel in snippets. That’s made me happy.
        You’re busy with music this month! Good for you.
        Do you watch television series?
        I’ve been watching Peaky Blinders with Cillian Murphy and Sam O’Neill. I’m quite liking it. It’s set in the 1920s in Birmingham and London. Smart acting and fine escapism.

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      1. i rarely watch this kind of thing. if im going to investt hat amount of time in a story i would rather read the book. but if it becomes available to me, ill take a look at an epidofr and, who knows, might even get hooked.

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      1. tomorrow has come and gone. I hope the pain has as well, and you are now comfortable in bed on recovery road. thinking of you and wishing you are feeling good enough to go to the movies on monday.


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